Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

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Valentine’s day is a special day to let the ones you care about just how much you love and appreciate them, so it’s only appropriate to do the same for your furry friends! Check out these awesome gift ideas to give your dog to show them just how much you love them for being a loyal companion.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

There is a new trend among pet owners of giving your beloved pet an edible card for special occasions. You can purchase really cute Valentine’s day ones for only a few bucks such as the Crunchkins Crunch ‘Be My Furry Valentine’ Edible Card.

Since dogs can’t have candy, why not surprise them with some yummy treats like Pawsitively Gourmet’s 20-Pack Love Cookies or these Valentine Lips Pork Dog Chews!

Valentine's Day

Of Course no dog gift is complete without a fun toy for them to play with! For Valentine’s day, we suggest adorable heart shaped toys in shades of pink, red and purple. The Zanies 32″ Long Love Pup Caterpillar Pet Toy is perfect and features 5 squeakers and multiple legs your pooch will love pulling and tugging on.

Long Love Pup Caterpillar Pet Toy

If you have a bigger breed dog who easily tears through toys, you may want to consider Zanies Full of Heart Pet Toys which are made out of sturdy Berber and also have a squeaker located inside.

Whichever gift you choose for your dog, he or she is sure to love it. Here’s to an incredibly sweet Valentine’s Day with your favorite furry friends!

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