The Best Dog Hair Dryers For Your Fancy Pooch


For most pet owners getting their dog into the water for a soapy bath is a chore. Let’s be honest – it’s time consuming, messy and you often end up with as much water on yourself as your dog. And let’s not forget the moment they shake their sopping body and spray water and soap suds all over the place.

Some dogs do love bath time. Those pet owners are the lucky ones.

Either way it is so satisfying to get your pooch nice and clean and smelling great after a bath.

Out of the bath and it’s time to dry your dog so it stays warm and looks nice with a shiny coat that is neat and tidy. You need the tools for the job and your most handy grooming tool is for sure a quality dog hair dryer.

So let’s look at dog hair dryers. There are so many on the market and it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best and what you really need. We promise after you read this article you will have all the knowledge you need to make an informed and wise decision on which dog hair dryer is best for your adorable fur ball. Once you buy a dog dryer you will never look back. Life will be easier and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Great Products We Recommend

As we said there are so many products available to buy. We have narrowed it down to some of the best to make your search for the perfect dog dryer easier. Here are our top 10 picks for excellent dog hair dryers that are quality products that get the job done well.

We recommend you take the time to read through the reviews. Nothing is more reliable that a real review from a pet owner who has used the product.

1. Flying One Grooming

Flying One GroomingThe Flying One Grooming Dryer was designed to dry your dog in super quick time.

A flexible and strong 10 foot hose makes it easy to get around your dog which is especially handy for large dog breeds. You can move freely around the drying area with ease. The motor is safely stored inside a steel casing. The filter is easy to clean. A selection of nozzles can fit on the dog dryer hose. There is a control panel to easily adjust air speed and heat settings so you can customize the drying time effortlessly.

Your dog will be looking perfectly groomed with a super shiny coat in no time and will be snuggly and warm after its bath time.

A lot of happy pet owners gave Stella reviews for the Flying Pig Grooming Dryer.

2. Air Force Commander

Air Force CommanderWe love the clever name and the pet product. This Air Force Commander dryer will keep your pooch safe and dry after its bath.

Used by professionals and non-pros the Metrovac Air Force Commander dryer is designed for short-haired dogs. It comes with attachments including an air concentrator, air flare tool and a groomer rake. As well they throw in a pair of complimentary grooming scissors so you can take care of any stray hair that needs a trim.

You will be able to move freely with the 12-foot long cord and 6 foot hose.

This dog hair blow dryer is one of the best on the market. If you are looking at dog grooming dryers you can’t go wrong with this sturdy design. The reviews from buyers are positive and glowing.

3. Shelandy

ShelandyThis high velocity professional dog grooming dryer comes in pink and blue and has two temperature options. Your pooch will be looking smart in no time with this dog hair blower.

With four nozzles to choose from you will love using this dryer that has a great motor designed to cope with small dogs or huge dogs. And a safety protector so the heat doesn’t ever get to a level that is too high. So some thoughtful features are a part of this design.

The makers say it usually takes 30 minutes to dry a heavy Golden Retriever. But with their product you can get the job done in half the time. What a time saver.

A lot of happy buyers have left positive reviews.

4. Ipettie

IpettieThe iPettie Pet Hair Dryer is a compact, yet powerful dog hair dryer with innovative features. This portable dog dryer with a slicker brush is ideal for cats and small dogs. Easy to carry around in your bag or the car it is a great little dryer if you travel a lot or like your pooch to look nice when you are out and about.

The air speed and temperature can be adjusted. The air comes out of the base of the brush so you can dry and brush at the same time.

It doesn’t make much noise and can get the job done according to the many positive reviews made from happy past buyers.

5. Amzdeal

AmzdealThe Amzdeal Dog Dryer comes complete with four nozzles. One is good at trapping heat and best for dealing with heavy coats. One makes a gentle wind which is perfect for drying sensitive areas such as the neck and tummy. One makes the strongest wind for drying excess water after bath time and one makes a fluffy style for curly haired pets.

The makers of this pet hair dryer put an emphasis on the noise reduction device so the dog doesn’t get alarmed from the sound of the motor. Drying your dog will definitely be an easy job once you purchase this product.

We love the bright and cheery yellow color and see many positive reviews from pet owners praising this product.

6. XPOWER Portable

XPOWER PortableAn innovative idea that gives you a pet dryer and electric duster all in one. the XPOWER Portable Multipurpose Pet Dryer is bright purple, green or pink. It looks cool. Matching its style is its functionality as it can dry your pet and act as an air pump for your home or office to clean curtains or clear dusty areas.

You can save a lot of money if you use this at home to dry your dog rather than sending it to a professional groomer. It is a quality dog hair dryer for home use. A compact design that can easily go with you from home to work. With eight different nozzles we hope you can remember all their uses.

The consumers who own this product give rave reviews.


CHAOLUNYou will have a happy dog on your hands when you add the Chaolun Dog Dryer to bath time. The makers of this handy pet product suggest you also can use the dryer to dry your car. It comes with three nozzles, long hose and cord and powerful motor that can blast out the air needed to dry off your pooch. They also give a shower massive glove and comb with your dryer set.

Chaolun estimates with their easy-clean product it will only take 10 minutes to dry a small toy dog and 40 minutes to dry a big long-haired dog.

This product has received really impressive reviews from dog owners who report it’s effective and easy to use. We think it is a solid choice for a dog dryer.

8. My Pet Command

My Pet CommandSay goodbye to endless hours of grooming when you start using the My Pet Command dryer for dogs. With a quiet humming motor and adjustable heat and air controls you can focus on drying your dog so it can get back to play.

This Dog blow dryer features a long hose with a quick-locking system which extends up to 2.4 meters with a long 2.3 meter power cord allowing you to have easy access to power and place the dryer away from your pet for added ease and safety.

Reviews from pet owners prove this product is a leader in the dog dryer market.


AIIYMEA super efficient dog hair dryer that is designed especially to help you dry your dog quickly and properly so every strand of fur on its body is dry. You can adjust the temperature from 35 °C-70°C) and also adjust the air velocity.

With a powerful and stable motor you can get your dog dried by over 60% faster. The thick metal case reduces noise to protect sensitive doggy ears and also insulates the heat effectively. The flexible hose can extend to 78 inches giving plenty of freedom of movement while you are drying your dog.

You get four nozzles and a one year warranty. If you go by the reviews this dryer is one of the most popular on the market today.

10. Petnf

PetnfA niffy dog hair dryer that is loaded with helpful features including a special inner barrel to reduce noise, an ergonomic handle, four nozzles and adjustable heat and air settings. It won’t take long to get your dog looking groomed and fluffy after its bath with this wonderful dog dryer.

A well-constructed product that has a long hose, great filter system and an anti-skid device on the bottom to stop the dryer from moving around. It comes with clear instructions for easy use.

So many pet owners reported back with positive reviews for this product. Some pet owners even left videos of them using the dryer on their pet along with their written reviews so you can see the product in action.

What Is A Dog Hair Dryer?

A dog hair dryer is similar to the hair dryer you use for your own hair.

But, it’s designed for pet use so some of the features are different to suit the specific needs of a dog. For example the heat settings are much lower (or some only use cool air) because the heat can damage your dogs hair and skin if it’s too high. It can also cause discomfort or pain if the air is too hot.

The airspeed on dog hair dryers tend to be more power than hair dryers used by humans. So you can still get your dog dry and styled quickly and efficiently. Dogs are not the most patient creatures so getting this dog done as quickly as possible is a major goal.

A dog hair dryer, or pet dryer, is a smart invention made so pet owners can dry their pets off after bath time. In the world of pet accessories it is one of the most innovative and useful ones we know of. Life certainly is easier for pet owners who own a good dog hair dryer.

An invention to stop your pooch from showering you with water the moment it gets out of the water – sorry to say we are still waiting for some genius to invent that. But if you are fast enough you can get your dog out of the water, towel dried and under the dog dryer pronto.

In the meantime we have the doggy hair dryer low down for you to enjoy.

Benefits Of Using A Dog Hair Dryer

Benefits Of Using A Dog Hair DryerA hair dryer is the quickest way to get your dog dried completely and throughly. You can use a towel to dry your dog but it won’t be totally dry. It also takes a long time and you end up with a lot of laundry to take care of.

Also a hair dryer will give your dogs coat a tidy and neat appearance. It will also help untangle any knots that may be starting to form in the fur. A dog hair dryer gives your dog a groomed and fresh appearance that just can’t be achieved with towel drying.

Using a dog dryer helps get the loose hair off your dogs coat making it healthier and more beautiful-looking. You can use a brush in one hand while holding the dryer in the other hand and groom your dog while you are drying it to remove all the unwanted hair. This will make your dogs coat healthier and it will feel more comfortable. Also all that fur won’t be falling off around your house and on your furniture if you remove it in one hair drying session.

Any time you spend with your dog is a bonding time. Your pet feels wanted and enjoys the attention it gets during grooming. So taking the time to use the dog hair dryer is in some ways a benefit to your pets mental health and wellbeing. Emotionally you are giving your pet some care and affection and as you know your dog can’t get enough!

Important Features To Consider

Not all dog hair dryers are made the same. The features, quality and price can all vary. Before you purchase your first dog hair dryer you should consider the important features to make sure your buy the right product for your needs.

Air speed: The faster the air speed the quicker your dog will be dried. Some high-end dog dryers have more powerful features. If you own a tiny Poodle you might not need the dog dryer with the most powerful air speed. But if you have a Afghan Hound it might be the most important feature for you.

Heat levels: Heat levels also increase the drying time. But the heat should be kept as low as possible so your dog is comfortable.

Attachments: There are handy attachments that come with some dog hair dryers like combs, brushes and different-sized nozzles.  Some make the fur dry straight and flat, some get close to the skin and some encourage curls. Most dryers come with detailed instruction booklets explaining the use for each attachment. You will probably test them all out on your dog then choose your favorite ones to use every bath time.

Noise: A cheap product is likely to be far noisier than a high-end product. If you dog is sensitive to loud noises you might want to invest in one that isn’t too noisy.

Also think about the following:

  • How often do I wash my dog?
  • How big is my dog?
  • How thick and long is my dogs coat?
  • Is my dog sensitive to loud sounds?
  • How much do I wish to spend?

How To Use The Dog Hair Dryer

1: Put your dog on a towel on a flat surface in the standing position. Make sure you have plenty of space so your dog doesn’t fall off the table if it jumps or makes sudden movements. Make sure your dog can’t bit the electrical cord or hose. Always keep your eyes on your dog when using the dog hair dryer.

2: Towel dry your dog to remove excess water. Don’t forget those tricky areas like behind the ears.

3: Have some treats on hand in case your dog gets impatient.

4: Start at the top and work your way along the dog’s body.

5: Use a brush while drying to remove loose hair.

6: Use a straight motion (not circular) along the dog’s body. Circular movements will create curls and can lead to tangles so should be avoided unless you are aiming for a curly look.

7: Make sure you put the nozzle as close to the skin as possible to completely dry the hair.

8: Dry your dog’s fur off completely.

If it’s your first time using a dog hair dryer with brush you can watch videos on YouTube to get a visual idea of how easy it is to use a dryer. It helps to see a video so you can see how your dog might react and also the motions to use when using the dryer for maximum speed drying and efficiency.

Another way to get a hands-on demonstration is to take your pet to a professional pet grooming service and ask to watch them groom your dog. Some pros use harnesses to hold the dog still and other fancy accessories but you will be able to see a pet dryer in action and also get an insight into how your dog reacts to the dryer if it’s a new experience.

What Might Happen If You Don’t Use A Dog Dryer

If you don’t use a dog hair dryer you will probably be using the old-fashion method of a towel. Or you might even just let your dog run around outdoors to dry off but we recommend you always dry your dog as well as possible after a bath.

If you towel dry your dog, which by the way is a lot of work, it will never be completely dry. Your dog will then roll around or settle for a sleep. If that happens indoors the wet dog smell can be transferred to your furniture, flooring or whatever surface your dog is lounging on. That smell isn’t so fragrant and can linger for a long time.

If you don’t use a dog dryer your dog can catch a chill and get sick. It’s not common, but possible. If you live in a cold climate its more vital to have a dog dryer. Also during the winter months there is a higher risk of illness from a chill if it’s not dried properly. Pneumonia could occur in extreme weather conditions or if your dog has a low immune system and is prone to illness.

Fungal infections can also occur if your dog is left wet often and for too long.

Your dog will feel cold and unhappy if it’s left in a wet state after a bath. If you get caught in the rain or fall in a lake and have to endure wearing wet clothes you will know the feeling is uncomfortable. Your dog could be expected to feel a similar sensation of discomfort if it’s washed and left in a wet state.

If you don’t dry your dog it can get water droplets on your carpets and furniture. It won’t be a lot and will dry off quickly but if you have some expensive luxury Turkish rug as part of your home interior you might rethink not drying your dog.

You want your dog to be totally dry. If you run your fingers through its coat you shouldn’t feel any trace of moisture. Apart from a fresh-smelling canine you shouldn’t be able to tell your dog recently exited the bath.

Who Should Buy A Dog Hair Dryer

Who Should Buy A Dog Hair DryerAs an every day accessory for pet owners, a dog hair dryer is helpful in keeping your pet healthy. If you own a dog a dog hair dryer is a great investment. Even if you have a small toy dog a dog hair dryer is recommended. Often the smaller breeds can feel the cold easily so a dog dryer can be a huge benefit. If you have a large dog or a long haired dog the need for a dog hair dryer is increased. If you have a pedigree dog, a purebred or show dog you probably should own a dog hairdryer to achieve that polished, put-together look.

Professional pet groomers always use dog hair dryers for the ease and speed at which they can work. Taking your dog to a pet groomer or doggy day spa sometimes from puppyhood is a great way to get them used to the sensation of being dried with a dog hairdryer. Your groomer will also probably have some helpful tips on how to use the dryer on your dog. For example which end do you start at? More on that later.

If you are competing in a show you will surely need a dog hair dryer to get extra points with the competition judges who will be taking note of every hair on your dogs body so it better be looking its best. Most pet owners entering shows wash and dry their dogs with fine attention to every inch of their body the night before the show or morning of the show to make the coat look shiny, healthy and rich. They will also take the dog dryer with them onsite to dog shows. Many of the dryers on the market are small and portable, but still powerful, making them excellent options if you are taking your dog on the road to shows or other places.

Where To Buy A Dog Hair Dryer

Dog hair dryers can be purchased online and sometimes at pet stores, large department stores and from your local veterinarian. If they don’t stock the accessory they may be able to order one in for you or recommend another supplier. It always pays to ask and also to shop around.

Most dog hair dryers come with some sort of guarantee against faults for at least the first year. The chances of getting a faulty product is very low but it’s nice to have the reassurance you are covered just in case you need to claim.

Common Questions – let us answer some of the questions pet owners wonder about when they are about to buy a pet dryer

Can I buy a second-hand dryer?

You could but we recommend you invest in buying a new one. The pet dryers are well-made and sturdy but also they get a lot of use. It would be a shame to buy a used one that didn’t last so long.

How often should I wash my dog?

It depends on your lifestyle, the climate, how much your dog is outside and also how active your dog is. Some people wash their dog once a week and some once a month. If you have an indoor toy dog it won’t need to be washed as often as a high-energy working farm dog.

Should I use the dryer every time I wash my dog?

Yes, its safe for frequent use and you should dry your dog properly every time you give it a bath. The dog dryer won’t damage your dogs fur or skin as they have been designed with that in mind.

Can I use my own hair dryer on my little dog?

No, hairdryers designed for human use are too hot and not suitable for use on your precious pet.

So you can see there are many advantages to buying a dog blow dryer to use after you wash your dog. It makes the grooming routine much faster and easier and is good for your dog’s overall heath and wellbeing.

With many quality dog dryers on the market pet owners are spoiled for choice. The products are well-designed and have features that really take into account what a dog owner would be looking for in terms of usage and safety.

If you have a puppy it is a great time to introduce a dog hair dryer so it will be used to the experience of being dried by a machine rather than by hand. It will easily adapt to having its fur groomed and dried by you using a pet dryer.

For adult dogs and older dogs they might need some reassurance and practice to get used to a dog dryer. As always when introducing something new have patience and give rewards for good behavior as you train your dog to act appropriately as you wash and dry it.

Finally your dog will smell lovely and look gorgeous with a clean, glossy coat. Of course it won’t be long until your pooch is rolling around in the garden and getting smelly again. It always seems to be bath time when you own a dog!

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  1. We were regularly with our dog at a dog hairdresser. Since we found it too expensive in the long run, we decided to buy a dog hair dryer, because it is cheaper by comparison. These are not louder than the one at the dog hairdresser. Besides, our dog is just as afraid of this device as at the hairdresser. Getting him used to it will continue to be almost impossible. Nevertheless, with the hair dryer we get the remaining superfluous undercoat out of our ball of wool from the dog. Luckily this is also quite fast. I am satisfied, even though my dog is not so happy that he is now getting blow-dried more often than before.

  2. For years I have always dried my dog with a normal hair dryer. That took forever. With a dog dryer it goes much much much faster. With a normal hair dryer about 40 minutes, dog dryer 10-15 minutes (depending on how well-behaved he is) 😀


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