Do Dogs Get Jealous?

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Scientists have recently performed many tests and studies to see if dogs can really feel secondary emotions such as jealousy. To prove their case, some researchers point to the strange behavior observed in a mother dog and her interaction with her puppies. Female dogs lose the maternal instinct not long after giving birth to their puppies, usually as soon as they can care for themselves. She can sometimes even become jealous of how much attention her puppies are getting and taking away from herself that she may snap and hurt one of her babies or even her owner. On occasion, female dogs are also known to ignore or neglect their puppies if they feel jealous of them. If your pooch recently gave birth to a litter, keep a eye on her and how she behaves around her offspring. Separate her from her puppies if you notice any envious feelings developing or aggression.

Think your dog might be jealous of a new pet, baby, or house guest? Dogs are a lot more like humans than we think when it comes to feelings and emotions, so it’s only understandable that they would get jealous too. A dog’s feeling of jealousy differs from a human’s because it’s simpler and not as complex because of certain social situations and such. All your dog really needs is to feel loved and wanted again. Next time you suspect your dog might be jealous, take a little time to show him or her just how much you care about them. Let them know that they’ll always hold a special place in your heart no matter who comes and goes in your life.

Has your dog ever seemed jealous? Please, share your story. We love hearing from our fellow dog lovers!

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