The Best Dog Strollers For Large Dogs


When it’s time to take your pet pooch to the park it might be wagging its tail with enthusiasm and boundless energy. When it’s time to go home it might be a different story. That is when you need a dog stroller.

Have you ever taken your large dog to the park and exhausted it with too much fun and playtime? You can tell its tired and you still have a long walk home.

At times like this, it’s great to have a pet stroller because if you have a large dog you won’t be able to carry it home. There are many other times when a dog stroller can come in handy.

If your dog has suffered an injury or has been unwell you might like to take it for a walk around the neighborhood for some visual stimulation. Your dog will happily sit in the stroller taking in the sights and sounds while you push it around. Or maybe it can walk only part of the way.

Or when your dog gets older and eventually becomes a senior dog it might love going for walks in the dog stroller.

A change in scenery, being greeting by people (which always happens when you have the stroller because it does look cute) and having some stimulation from seeing, hearing and smelling the natural surroundings can do a lot for your dog, even if it is sitting in the stroller and not running around.

If you don’t already have a dog stroller you should consider buying one. Perhaps you have a massive Bloodhound or Golden Retriever and think dog strollers are for smaller dogs. It is not so. Dog stroller makers have designed dog strollers to fit and carry big heavy canines even if they weigh 150 pounds.

If you haven’t heard of it before it might seem odd. But it makes perfect sense as the hardest dogs to transport when they don’t want to walk are the big ones. Try carrying your Saint Bernard home from the park and you will probably put your back out and take a day to get home.

The strollers for big dogs have been designed, tested and proven to suit the dog just perfectly so your big dog can ride on wheels with its pet owner at the driver’s wheel.

Best Dog Strollers For Large Dogs

There are many doggie strollers for large dogs on the market. We’ve found some of the best ones that are high-five paw approved by us. Is your Great Dane ready to ride in style? Here we go!

1. Pet Gear NO-ZIP Stroller

Pet Gear NO-ZIP StrollerThis dog stroller comes with a front and rear entrance and push buttons instead of zips. The idea of duel entrances is for older or injured dogs so they don’t have to turn around when it’s time to exit the stroller. This thoughtful feature is convenient and useful.

The handles are easily adjustable and there is a mesh panel so you can always keep an eye on your dog even when the sunroof is closed.

If you are taking the stroller in the car it is easy to fold up and store. Also, it doesn’t take up a lot of room at home if you are just using it now and then. The interior can be removed so it can be washed when your dog has made it dirty with muddy paws or made other dog-related messes.

This stroller comes in an array of colors and sizes. The smallest one can handle a dog up to 35 pounds while the biggest can carry a canine weighing up to 150 pounds. A reasonable price for a dog stroller that has many great features and is strong and durable. Plus it looks modern so your dog can ride in style.

2. Petique All Terrain Jogger

Petique All Terrain JoggerThis stroller designed for large dogs is a robust invention that comes with a tire pump in case you get caught out with a flat type while out roaming in the wild with your dog.

Large bike tires with shock absorption and traction promise a smooth ride for your furry friend. It features a one-step dual wheel brake system so you can easily stop and put on the break when you need to suddenly stop in your tracks. Good brakes are essential especially when you have a large dog and if you are walking around hilly or uneven areas.

The designer of this dog stroller has added an innovative feature with accented reflectors all around the body of the stroller so you can be safe out and about at nighttime. Other travelers will be able to see you easily even if you are walking in unlit areas.

This stroller has windows on all four sides and the roof so your dog can see everything that is going on during your walk. A great product that has plenty of glowing reviews.

3. 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

2-in-1 Pet Stroller and TrailerHappy pooches love riding in this snazzy pet stroller. It is safety first with hitch suspension and a bright orange flag so you and your dog in a stroller are easy to see in all weather conditions. Reflectors add to the safety of this pet stroller.

You can attach the stroller to your pushbike so it acts as a trailer as well as a stroller. Sporty pet owners will love using this stroller as a trailer on the back of their bike.

The stroller is water-resistant and lightweight so it’s a truly versatile product that would suit the active dog owner who is always on the run. The reviews for this stroller are positive reviews about the great functionality of the stroller.

4. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty StrollerAnother great dog stroller is this HPZ Pet Rover one that 360-degree rotating front wheels with a rear braking system. You can change the size of the internal compartment so your big dog can ride in comfort or you can take a smaller pet for a ride another time if you wish.

A large basket underneath comes with three accessory bags and a bottle holder so you can have plenty of space for extras when you are out exploring. A top cover made of mesh is UV-reflective to protect your precious paws from the sun.

A stroller that is durable, well-made and has a lot of reviews supporting the quality of the stroller. Looks like a great buy to us!

5. Petbobi 4 Wheel Dog Stroller

Petbobi 4 Wheel Dog StrollerYour big dog will be rolling around in style with the Petbobi dog stroller that can handle up to 120 pounds. Lightweight, but still sturdy, it comes with a rear storage bag to carry doggy treats, water or other supplies you might need when out walking with your dog. Ideal for walks, trips shopping, to the veterinarian or to visit friends, this stroller is one of the best on the market.

It is easy to use and store and large dogs look comfortable and happy when they are inside the stroller.

6. Petique Breeze Jogger

Petique Breeze JoggerA dog stroller with a sleek design with a small front wheel supported by two big rear wheels. The stroller comes with three adjustable leashes and can carry a dog up to 60 pounds. It has been tested to the same standards required by manufacturers of strollers for children – and why not because your fur baby is part of your family.

It has a supportive body and strong wheels to give your pet a comfortable ride wherever you go. You can even go jogging and your dog will be safe and sound inside the pet stroller. It is ideal for active pet owners who love to get some exercise with their dog along for the ride. Pushing your heavy dog in the stroller is exercise too. It’s just like getting a free arm workout included! Many buyers have reported back with shining reviews of this product.

7. Wooce Dog Stroller

Wooce Dog StrollerYou and your pet dog will be looking fashionable and fancy when you walk around with the Wooce dog stroller. With four small front wheels and two larger rear wheels, this stroller is easy to maneuver around bumpy paths and uneven surfaces while keeping your dog comfortable and safe.

Big mesh windows on the sides make sure your dog gets the best views while you are out going places. There is not a single negative review about this stroller and pet owners report it is a product that is well worth the investment.

8. Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

Ibiyaya 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Dog StrollerOur last, but not least recommendation comes from the brand Ibiyaya. The shape of the design is chic and stylish and can also be pulled behind a bike. The mesh windows are large so your dog can see all that’s going on and also get lots of fresh air while you are on the move.

The streamlined & Multi-functional pet stroller should last a lifetime and has lots of handy features including reflective plates, storage pockets and a rear brake system. You can take your dog everywhere with you using the Ibiyaya dog stroller that is a very popular product. The reviews are top-notch.” rating=”4.5″]

What to Consider Before Choosing A Dog Stroller

The Weight And Size Of Your Dog

You need to buy a stroller that is capable of carrying the weight of your dog. So get the furry one on the scales and check how much it weighs. Keep in mind the age of your dog. Is it fully grown? Will it put on a few kilograms in the future? Just to be safe add on a few kilograms to account for any weight gain and also in case you carry some dog supplies inside the stroller during your walkabout too.

Next check out the size of your dog and the measurements of the interior of the dog stroller. Your dog needs a little room to move around inside the stroller. Is there room for it to lay down and sleep if it needs a power nap? You need a large dog stroller, but how large? If you are unsure it’s better to go for a larger size than risk getting on that is too small. If your dog is cramped up and uncomfortable in the dog stroller it might reject the idea of getting inside when it’s time to go walkies.

If you need an extra-large dog stroller many companies are catering to this market.

Quality Construction

Look for a pet stroller that is sturdy and durable. Not all dog strollers are made the same. Many of the best dog strollers on the market today have pneumatic tires and rear wheel suspension for effortless handing whether you are on a flat footpath or taking on some hilly forest paths. Invest in a quality product that will last the duration of your dog’s life. It should be able to handle daily use throughout the seasons including the roughest weather elements winter might send.

Are you looking for the best dog stroller for hiking? Quality construction will be one of the main issues when you start shopping.

Where You Will Use Your Dog Stroller Where You Will Use Your Dog Stroller

If you plan to take your dog on the occasional walk to the park you might need a different stroller than if you love going for runs every weekend and plan on taking your dog to see some mountaintops. Think about the terrain you will cover and how often you will use the dog stroller. Do you need the most heavy-duty dog stroller or is a lightweight, easy-to-store stroller more important for your current needs?

The Convertible Feature

The best dog strollers have a built-in sunroof so you can call them convertibles. Your curious canine will surely want to pop its head out the top to say hello to the friendly humans and fellow dogs that may be walking by. If it starts to rain or the sun is too bright you can close the top to protect your big dog.

Another important feature is reflectors so you can be seen in traffic and the dark. If you are walking at dusk or night with your dog this is a safety feature you will want.

Price And Budget

A dog stroller is an investment in your pet’s lifestyle and wellbeing. The bigger the dog stroller the more expensive it is and we know dogs cost a lot of money in fixed and unexpected costs. So we can understand you might be tempted to buy a cheap or second-hand dog stroller for your large dog. We suggest you do the opposite.

We recommend you invest in the best quality dog stroller you can afford. It will pay off when you get many years of use out of the product. If you buy a cheap one that isn’t good quality it may only last a year or less. If you are active and social and taking your dog out often you need a quality dog stroller that can withstand the test of time. It needs to be durable and handle frequent wear and tear.

That completes our review of dog strollers for large dogs that we recommend. Pet owners are spoiled for choice with a wide range of wonderful dog strollers available. From the days when dog strollers were first invented to now, the quality and innovation have come far. When they first hit the market they were only for small dogs and the support and comfort factor wasn’t there. The pet industry has heard the demand from pet owners and created dog strollers for large dogs. The design and features are improving constantly and it is exciting to see what the best brands will come up with next.

When Do You Need A Dog Stroller?

From a distance, you might look like a mama pushing her child in a stroller. A closer glance and people will realize you have invested in a dog stroller for your best friend who happens to have fur and four legs.

A dog stroller can make your life easier and improve the quality of life for your dog too. Here are some of the times you might be grateful to have invested in a quality dog stroller.

  • Leisurely walks around the neighborhood or park
  • When you head out for exercise by jogging or brisk walking
  • Going to the veterinarian clinic
  • To take your old or sick dog out to get some mental stimulation and fresh air
  • To see friends and family
  • On holidays and trips
  • Running errands and shopping

Some pet owners use their dog stroller every day while others keep it on hand for special reasons such as times their pet has limited mobility due to injury. Whatever your use a dog stroller is a great investment for anyone with a large dog. The little Poodles can ride around in their owner’s handbags but the big burly dogs need a vehicle that has wheels and a strong structure to carry their weight.

Introducing Your Dog To The Stroller

Some dogs will happily jump straight into the dog stroller and off you go! If your dog is a little timid or unsure about the dog stroller you can gradually introduce it to the idea. Try taking it for short rides around the home in the environment it feels safest to start with.

Use doggy treats to encourage your dog to enter the dog stroller if necessary. Soon your dog will know the sight of the dog stroller means going outside for a fun ride. It won’t take your pooch long to associate the dog stroller with good times. Let the good times roll!

Caring For Your Large Dog Stroller

If you look after your dog stroller it should last you for many years. Most strollers have removable interiors that you can take out and wash. Keep the stroller clean by washing with hot soapy water and store it indoors if possible. This is especially important if you only use it occasionally as you don’t want mold to grow or dust to gather inside the stroller.

Taking Two Dogs In Your Dog Stroller For Large Dogs

Taking Two Dogs In Your Dog Stroller For Large DogsYou can also let two dogs ride in one stroller. For example, if you have several small dogs or a small and medium-sized dog you can let them ride together in a large dog stroller. Before you buy the stroller you might want to consider if you might be buying or adopting another puppy or dog. Getting a generous size just in case you have a new addition to the family seems like a good idea to us.

When you get to the day you need a dog stroller and you don’t have one it will be the moment you remember reading this article. If you have even considered buying a dog stroller for your pet then it will be a huge help for traveling together.

It’s nice to have your dog with you as often as possible. Even though dogs can’t talk we know they would put their paws together and agree. The times you just pop to the shop to buy some milk and bread could be with your dog too if you had a dog stroller.

When you go somewhere with your dog and you want to be hands-free a stroller is a comfortable place for your dog to relax. If you go to a cafe or pet-friendly restaurant your dog is sometimes begging around your feet for some food or demanding attention while you chat with your friend. With a pet stroller, it can be sitting or lying in comfort on a pillow in the stroller. Your dog will also love being up high on the same level as you rather than on the ground. Also, it’s much easier for your dog to go to sleep inside the cozy dog stroller with a blanket than on the floor of a cafe or the ground.

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  1. super investment ! my dogs love the dog stroller. As soon as I touch the stroller, my dogs bark and are happy like crazy, even though they know that they have to go to the doctor now. because our dogs have become a little older and lazy, I ordered such a dog stroller and do not regret the purchase at all.


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